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Sirocco Coach Consulting

Lead authentically to engage, align and achieve your company's mission, vision and purpose.  Connect to your people, maximize their gifts and talents, and together inspire greatness!


Sirocco Well Being

When life as you know it changes and you need a place to get answers, we are here to help you explore your options, get clarity on direction, and determine what action(s) to take.

Experience relief and discover passion, energy, and fulfillment in life and work!



Winds of Change Farm

Harness the power of your emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual being through nature's inspiration and "step out" for change.  You will open your imagination, creativity and thought to achieve meaningful learning and positive outcomes.


Sirocco Coach-Consulting, LLC

A Leader's Journey

We provide a pathway to Leadership Mastery, where you will expand your self awareness and communication to lead authentically and build trust, connection and engagement in your organization. If you are a new or aspiring leader, Personal Mastery  provides the core principles of authenticity, empowerment, self expression and service to others.

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Leadership Teams

We work with you and your team to enhance: self awareness, authenticity, chemistry and alignment, maximization of gifts and talents, diversity and inclusion to generate trust, engagement and high performance.

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Engaged employees work from the heart. They are passionate, take initiative and are connected to their immediate boss and the company.  As a leader, you will comprehend the heart of your teams after experiencing your own Personal and Mastery Journey.  You will lead on a deeper heartfelt level and act as a role model to your organization.

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Optimizing Talent

Find out how Talent Optimization helps you create high performing teams, hire and develop top talent, measure the employee experience for engagement, and retain your best employees.

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Sirocco Well-Being, LLC

Self CEO Path to Well-Being

We have created an innovative and comprehensive coaching and education program called Self CEO Path to Well-Being.  We help you thrive, so you can be an engaged contributor to the success and future of your organization and find fulfillment in your life and work.

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Connecting Heart to Work Program

We help you realize your job motivations and needs, strengths, natural talents and purpose, so you can choose work in which you can excel and experience satisfaction and fulfillment.

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Pursuing Passion & Purpose

Take an inner journey to find the core design of what you've been called to do. Discover your gifts, talents, mission, vision, purpose and the unique offering that brings meaning and fulfillment in your life and work.

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Success Over Stress

In this program you will take a deep dive and examine stress inducing factors and behaviors and implement a Self CEO plan with tools to reduce stress and operate more effectively.

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