Sirocco Coach-Consulting, LLC

Lead to inspire passion, energy and high performance and achieve your company's mission!  

Connect to your people, maximize their gifts and talents and together inspire greatness!

Take charge of your health and well-being to maintain harmony within and energize a healthy organization.

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Sirocco Well-Being, LLC

Experience a sense of health and well-being and find passion, energy, and fulfillment in life and work!

Become a self-leader and take the path to well-being in these elements:  relationships.. physical.. mental/emotional.. spiritual.. financial.. purposeful work and your community.

Thrive with inner strength to conquer the siroccos or storms of life and experience a life of growth and meaning.

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Winds of Change Farm Learning Center

Winds of Change Farm is a natural and relaxed environment outside the confines of institutions, corporate or hotel conference rooms, where people can  enjoy learning in a beautiful sanctuary.

Nature has a way of opening people to learning and growth like no other place.

Leave your stress at our barn doors and chill out in our peaceful surroundings.



Since 1993

Sirocco Coach-Consulting is a Certified Partner of The Predictive Index

An organization is a group of people organized for a purpose.  To have optimum business success, it must have a people strategy that aligns with and powers its business strategy.
The Predictive Index Talent Optimization is a discipline that provides business leaders with a framework supported by tools and software that enables them to create a successful people strategy.  This framework is made up of four areas:
Diagnose:  Measures people data to diagnose the root cause of problems and take action
Design:  Leverages people data to deliberately design leadership, culture and team dynamics
Hire:  Defines the job roles an organization needs and matches the right person to role requirements
Inspire:  Provides insights that leaders and employees need to manage themselves and their workplace

Click now and see how PI Talent Optimizion has helped Granite Group gain a competitive edge in the marketplace

Reach out to us and learn how we can assist you in transforming your organization with our PI Talent Optimization partnership.
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